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Bjarne Andersen from Las Vegas gives concerts in Denmark in 2016 with many new songs. On 9 September 2016 on the triangle in Aalborg on September 15 with my Danish DK Band 2016 Tørringhus in drying with the help of my good friends Søren Nygaard and Henning Nielsen, Radio Nibe Nineteen plus many other friends. For more information you can write to Bjarne. or call 001 702-218-2383 Coming Sifa Bingo 4 September with my good friend Peter Skram.Ankommer to Denmark on August 31 2016.Har you / in time and interest Do I need help to Advertise and sell tickets, etc. I can send this information to ALL your friends and bekendte.Jeg thank Good Nytår.Vi seen in September.

Contact Bob

Bjarne “Bob” Andersen Res.702-636-9501 Cell 702-218-2383

Born and raised in Denmark moved to Canada in 1959.Competed in Gymnastics and became a Champion. In 1963  I moved to Santa Monica California. 1966  I opened The Scandinavian Gymnastic Club in Venice. I Taught Gymnastics to beginners to Elite Gymnasts and worked with severely handicapped children. 1970  I began to study Opera and performed at several Clubs singing from Opera, Al Martino, Show Tunes, Country,
Elvis and Gospel. On youtube “Bjarne Bob Andersen”
you can hear my music/Songs. I perform in mainly
in Europe. I have recorded 27 CD’s in English and
Danish from Pop music,Al Martino,Opera, Show
Tunes, Country, Elvis and Gospel. I speak Danish,
Swedish and German. At 76 I work out 4- 5 days a
week. my email is